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Editor Guide

click: place tile

P + click: place player

B + click: place bug

L + click: place ladder

T + click: place teleporter

H + click: place heavy tile

ALT (+ P/B/etc.) + click tile: place object on next level

SHIFT + click tile: change color

CTRL + click tile: delete clicked object











This game can only be played in landscape mode.

Please rotate your phone.

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SpaceBugs.io is a brand new game designed and developed by the team at CardGames.io, with graphics by Þórir Celin. In the game you play as a robot on a space station. Your objective is to clear out the alien insects that are infesting the station.


To move around, you can either use the arrow keys (or WASD) on the keyboard, or if you're on phone or a touch screen touch the screen and use the on-screen joystick to move around. The robot is able to push certain crates around and you have to figure out a way to reach all of the bugs in each level. The basic crates (gray) and the glowing crates (red/green/blue) can be moved so long as there is nothing on top of them. A row of movable crates can be pushed so long as it's unblocked and none of the crates have anything on top of them.

Special objects

  • Glowing crates - When two or more glowing crates with matching colors are pushed together so that they're fully touching, they'll disappear.
  • Heavy crates - Heavy crates can't be moved at all, even if they're unblocked and don't have anything on them.
  • Ladders - When the robot moves onto a ladder, it automatically moves up by one level, allowing it to get on top of crates.
  • Teleporters - When the robot moves onto a teleporter, it'll be instantly moved to another teleporter.


Platforms are special crates that can not be pushed but can instead be elevated or lowered by using a switch. A switch can be activated by moving either the robot or a crate onto it. When used, every low platform will instantly elevate and every high platform will lower. Platforms can be used to bridge gaps or to move objects and crates up by one level.

Settings and menus

You can open the game menu by either clicking "Menu" or pressing Enter. There you can access previous levels, reset the current one, and turn the audio on and off. If you want to reset the level quickly without having to open the menu, you can simply press the 'R' key.

And that's it! Now just start moving crates and get those bugs!


This is version 108 of SpaceBugs.io.

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